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  The project Media for Citizens is developed by the Peace Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, with the support of the European Commission, to address issues of media pluralism and communication rights of citizens, and to empower citizens, especially minority groups, for active participation in media society.
  Why and how (project reasonsing and description)  
  Communication rights of citizens are endangered by media ownership concentration and deficiency of public service media. Minority groups face problems with access to the media and media (mis)representations. There is lack of effective regulatory and self-regulatory instruments on national and European level that would provide media diversity and pluralism, and media accountability.

Our work focus on monitoring, policy research, advocacy, training/education and publishing activities with purpose to contribute to public awareness as well as to changes in media policy and media practices towards increase of media content diversity, pluralism of media ownership, media accountability and better access of minority groups and citizens to the media in Slovenia. The project includes empowerment activities to increase critical and active relations of citizens and minority groups to the media.

The project combines monitoring, policy research and media content analysis with public awareness, policy influence and empowerment activities. It is built on four angles. The first angle called MONITORING MEDIA OWNERSHIP PLURALISM includes conduction of monitoring and policy research activities on the media ownership regulation and situation in Slovenia. The second angle TV NEWS MONITORING will include monitoring and content analysis of two main TV news editions produced by main private national TV channel POP TV (owned by American cooperation Central European Media Enterprises) and public service TV Slovenija 1st channel. The third angle MONITORING MEDIA REPRESENTATION OF MINORITIES will include monitoring and content analysis of the selected media with regard to their reports on minorities (emphasize on Roma, Muslims, and homosexuals). It will also result with a report. The fourth angle MEDIA FOR CITIZENS will bring all previous work to the point, and will include production of publications and organisation of public debate and training events. The web site Media for Citizens will be developed providing monitoring results in transparent way with possibility for regular up-date and debate on the issues; including also public awareness section to encourage citizens for media activism. All publications and the web site will include English translation.

The project team

Brankica Petkovič
project leader

Sandra Bašič Hrvatin

researcher, monitoring reporter on media ownership

Roman Kuhar

researcher, monitoring reporter on media reporting minorities

Marko Prpič

researcher, monitoring reporter on TV news

Lenart J. Kučič
researcher assistant on media ownership, web site co-editor

Tomaž Trplan
web site co-editor

Lana Zdravkovič
assistant to project leader

Olga Vukovič
English language editor

Grega Fras

web site

The advisory board
Ed Klute
director, Mira Media, The Netherlands

Granville Williams

newsletter editor, Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, United Kingdom

The project is made possible by the European Commission.


The project is made possible by the European Commission.