Perspectives of Media Policy in South East Europe;
Ljubljana, 22-23 November 2001 (Grand Hotel Union) - Preliminary Agenda
Organisers: Peace Institute in Ljubljana & Open Society Institute – Network Media Program With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia
Wednesday, November 21
19.00 Welcome Reception
Ms. Jožica Puhar, National Coordinator of the Stability Pact,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia
Thursday, November 22
9.30 Opening remarks by the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the organisers

Introduction: "Media reforms and media policy in South East Europe - What we can learn from past decade and from each other?"
Keynote Speaker: Mark Thompson, International Crisis Group, Brussels (confirmed)

10.00 - Media Legislation I
Chairperson: Vesna Alaburic, Lawyer, Zagreb (confirmed)

Mass Media Laws - Gent Ibrahimi, Institute for Policy and Legal Studies, Tirana (confirmed)
Access to Information Laws: Alexander Kashumov, Access to Information Programme, Sofia (confirmed)
Civil and Criminal Laws (Defamation): Senka Nožica, Lawyer, Sarajevo (confirmed)

11.30 Break
11.45 Media Legislation II
Chairperson: Boris Bergant, RTV Slovenija, Ljubljana (confirmed)

Keynote Speaker: Pavel Gantar, Minister, Ljubljana (confirmed)

Broadcasting Laws - Sandra Bašic Hrvatin, Broadcasting Council, Ljubljana (confirmed)
Broadcasting Regulatory Bodies - Helena Mandic, Regulatory Agency for Communications, Sarajevo (confirmed)
Laws on Public Broadcasting Service - Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Bucharest (confirmed)

13.00 Lunch
14.30 Media Freedom and Accountability
Chairperson: Aidan White, International Federation of Journalists, Brussels (confirmed)

Panelists: Legal Defence of Media and Journalists: Sašo Andonovski, Lawyer, Skopje (confirmed)
Self Regulation in Media: Gojko Bervar, Radio Slovenija, Ljubljana (confirmed)
Professional Associations Building: Jasmina Popovic, Journalists Trade Union, Zagreb (confirmed)
Media Monitoring as a Tool for Accountability: Jovanka Matic, Institute for Social Sciences, Belgrade (confirmed)
Use of International Organisations for Defence of Media Freedom: Blerim Shala, Zeri, Prishtina (pending)

16.00 Break
16.15 Implications of membership of SEE states in international organisations on media policy
Chairperson: Remzi Lani, Albanian Media Institute, Tirana (confirmed)

Council of Europe and European Court: Mario Oetheimer, Media Section COE, Strasbourg (confirmed)
OSCE: Alessandro Fracassetti, OSCE Mission in Zagreb (confirmed)
Stability Pact, Yasha Lange, Stability Pact, Media Task Force, Brussels (confirmed)
NATO, Chris Bennett, NATO, Brussels (confirmed)

17.30 End of the first day
20.00 Dinner in the city
Friday, November 23
9.30 Media Market Development
Chairperson: Ian Wright, Guardian Foundation (confirmed)

Legal Framework for Media Market (Tax policy, foreign investments, copyrights): Cene Grcar, Pop TV, Ljubljana (confirmed)
State and Public Funds as an Instrument for Media Market Development: Goran Gavrilov, Kanal 77, Skopje (confirmed)
Media Ownership - Transparency and Concentration: Velislava Popova, Kapital, Sofia (confirmed)
Market/Advertising Research - Srdan Bogosavljevic, Belgrade (confirmed)
Audience Research - Janja Božic Marolt, Mediana, Ljubljana and Zoran Trojar, Mladina, Ljubljana (confirmed)

11.00 Break
11.15 Education of Media Professionals
Chairperson: Jorgen Ringgaard, Danish School of Journalism (confirmed)

University and Curriculum Reforms: Ardian Dhima, Institute for Policy and Legal Studies, Tirana (confirmed)
Perspective of Media Training Centers (funding, trainers, methodology...): Stjepan Malovic, Zagreb and Boro Kontic, Sarajevo, South East European Network for Professionalisation of the Media (confirmed)
Using Foreign Models for Reform of Education of Journalists: Laurent Passicousset, ESJ Lille (confirmed)
Media Interest, Investment and Benefits from Education: Alexandru Burdeinii, Infomarket, Chisinau (confirmed)

13.00 Lunch
14.30 Media Content and Agenda
Chairperson: Gwyneth Henderson, OSI Network Media Program Board Member (confirmed)

Reporting on entering the European institutions: Alexandrul Lazescu, Monitorul Group, Romania (confirmed)
Reporting Corruption: Željko Ivanovic, Vijesti, Montenegro (confirmed)
Reporting Diversity: Mircea Toma, Academia Catavencu, Romania (confirmed)
Reporting on Conflict and Post-Conflict Issues: Veran Matic, Anem, Beograd (confirmed)
Private vs. public media - different agenda, standards and policy?: Aferdita Kelmendi, RTV 21, Prishtina (confirmed)

16.00 Break
16.15 Conclusion
Chairperson: Yasha Lange, Stability Pact, Media Task Force, Brussels (confirmed)

Summaries and Policy Recommendations by chairpersons of previous panel discussions:
Vesna Alaburic, Media Legislation I
Sandra B. Hrvatin, Media Legislation II
Gojko Bervar, Media Freedom and Accountability
Remzi Lani, Implications of SEE states in international organisations on media policy
Ian Wright, Media Market Development
Jorgen Ringgaard, Education of Media Professionals
Gwyneth Henderson, Media Content and Agenda

17.30 End of the conference
20.00 Farewell Dinner
Public Discussion with Janez Drnovšek, Prime Minister of Slovenia (to be confirmed)

Interviewers: Veran Matic, RTV B92, Belgrade
Aferdita Kelmendi, RTV 21, Prishtina
Saturday, November 24
10.00 - 16.00 Meeting of OSI Media Program Coordinators
(Other participants are free.)
  Important Note:
For the most part, participants arrive on Wednesday, November 21 and leave on Sunday, November 25.

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